DC RNR Photo Spam.

Yes, I actually paid to download the photos. There was just so many of them, I had no choice.

  1. lizlivinglife said: They all look so good!!
  2. runningforme83 said: These are some great shots!
  3. mrsfitwatcher said: Wow and they’re pretty much ALL amazing! I would have too :)
  4. runningfortheriesling said: Not to be a creeper…but you look fantastic!
  5. cupcakeconditioning said: Can’t wait for my own marathon photos! Only sevenish months to go…
  6. mar-kicksass said: Dang, you look great! Very fit! And I love that shirt.
  7. thisfearlesslife said: you got great photos! i never get this many!
  8. easybeinggreene said: AND IT WAS YOUR FIRST MARATHON! NO OTHER REASON NEEDED. Notice how I said first and not only. ;) Catch the fever, friend.
  9. regainingmymoxy said: Wait. Where are you. I can’t make you out…
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