Today is my Tumblvrsary

I joined this community April 23rd, 2011. While I have been on the weight loss bandwagon since May 14th, 2007 I have accomplished quit a bit since joining this community

I have participated in 6 races, including my first sub 30 minute 5k, and my first ever half marathon.

Even with my ups and downs I am overall down another 20 lbs.

I have met some new incredible people in real life that have become great running partners.

I have had the privilege to be inspired by so many of your journeys.

I have tried new foods.


I have started triathlon training

I look forward to this coming year and getting the chance to hopefully meet many more of you. I have talked to Adria about traveling to a half marathon some time in the future to get the opportunity to hang out with the internets.

And I look forward to continuing to share my journey and share your journeys with you.

  1. fitterisbetter said: Happy Tumblrversay (I can’t spell that!!!)
  2. tinkerbellrun said: Happy Tumblvrsary and congrats on all you achievements! :-D
  3. regainingmymoxy said: You forgot to mention how you jinxed your leakproof coffee mug. Happy tumbleversary!!
  4. easybeinggreene said: Congrats!Hope you celebrate with a nice big plate of veggies!
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