Today is Holocaust Memorial Day

or Yom Hashoah

My Father’s Father, was in the Czechoslovakian army fighting with the Russian army against Germany. He (the youngest) and his sister (the oldest, were the only two members of their family to survive. was a holocaust survivor.

My Father’s Mother, while I know she was a Holocaust survivor I don’t know much about her because she died when my father was just a boy.

My Mother’s Father, was in Poland fought ran and hid to survive the Holocaust. He and his brother Daniel were the only two survivors in his family. He is my only remaining living grandparent and he always has a story to tell.

My Mother’s Mother, was the only grandparent that I know of to be put in a camp. She is the sole survivor of her family.

Today, is a day for all people not just Jews to remember the atrocities that happened during World War II. Remembering today is part of me, I am a first generation American the grandson of 4 Holocaust survivors. They came here to make a better life for their families!

I often think about all the things that happened for me to exist.

My paternal grandfather had a grenade go of so close to him that if he stood to the left or to the right only a few feet he would have been dead. He was fortunate to be behind something that blocked the shrapnel from getting to him.

My paternal grandmother had to die at an early age, because my parents met in America and the way my Dad told it, if his father hadn’t remarried they probably would have never left Israel.

My Zaida, had to survive for years living off of nothing and my Bubbi could have died any day if she wouldn’t have been able to do the work she was forced to do in the camp. Luckily she was skilled with her hands and actually was ordered to make bullets for the Germans.

Today is a day to remember not only the 6 million Jews, but the 12 (aprox) million PEOPLE of all races and religious beliefs that died during this dark time in our history.

  1. ironphenix said: yes…and those who weren’t even jewish like my uncle, my aunts and my grandparents. All innocent people. My thoughts are with you.
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