Life still not settled, but wanted to share these pics from a beautiful wedding.

So here it goes, hoping to dodge HR.

Basically I have bee MIA from Tumblr for a lot of reasons.

1. I feel like I don’t have a ton to share. I’m watching what I eat, but I definitely don’t have the fire I once did. I need to get that back, because I want to be a happy and healthy example for my daughter.

2. I have been pretty depressed lately. This is mostly due to my job situation, and is also directly related to why it is hard for me to find that fire. But the long and short of it is, I have an insufferable boss, that is afraid of those below him, and therefore tries to stifle their abilities to succeed. He has gone so far as to tell vendors to not return my calls, and when I have told him my plan to go above my direct vendor support, because he doesn’t know that I know he told them not to respond. He literally told me I was not allowed to call their manager to get better support “because I am your boss, and I said so”

3. Number 2 has led me to using all my free time to work on improving my resume, and job searching. I therefore haven’t been reading much on Tumblr, because any time I would spend on Tumblr, is spent trying to find a new job.

On the positive, I have had several interviews, including a third interview for a job I am hoping to hear on sometime this week. I am hoping something will work out soon, and will assist in being my catalyst for change.


How do you know when its time to switch jobs?

How do you know if you’re really unhappy, or if it will blow over?  READ MORE ENABLED FOR THOSE NOT ON MOBILE.

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This and unfortunately much more.

Again, know I haven’t been around! But my babies first birthday party was this weekend, and I wanted to share some shots.

cupcakeconditioning, those blondies were ridiculous.

I know I haven’t been around lately

And hopefully I will be able to talk about the why soon, don’t worry it is nothing terrible.

But let’s just say any time I could have dedicated to Tumblr, has been taken up by something that needed my full attention.

Tent cities everywhere…

Tent cities everywhere…

Crazy week

Last minute training on Monday - Wednesday, but it will save me a couple hundred bucks, so not complaining.

Worked yesterday, and got estimates for a bathroom reno.

Today off to the peach, in Scranton, PA.

BTW, .4 down this week.

C25K Week 4 Day 3 complete

A day late, cause baby.

Got it done, may do a repeat day before moving to next week. The hills in my neighborhood are making this much more difficult, sure the extra weight isn’t helping much.

Speaking of extra weight, up 1.2 this week. Which is no surprises after 4.2 down last week.

Staying on track, and look forward to a down week next week.






DESIGN: The Coffee-Making Alarm Clock

We need this because reasons. This one’s for the coffee drinkers amongst you - British designer Joshua Renouf has come up with a coffee making alarm clock which can wake you up with a fresh cup of joe.

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hold the presses.

Sweet merciful Jesus someone buy this for me.

This looks like a job for thespartanhusband!!!

I’m on it!

Um, where was this in college

(via ironphenix)

I can’t even take it…

I can’t even take it…