Those mornings when even after take a bit so hot shower, you are still sweating.

Took a slightly different route today, so I wouldn’t have to run uphill for 3 minutes straight.

Wanted a steak

So I went to outback last night.

9 oz sirloin thanks

I need to get a grill for this place, then ALL the tumblr BBQ.

But anyway, stayed in my points for the day by plotting out my meal ahead of time.

9 oz steak
Vegetables medley
Salad with tangy tomato
2 serving of bread.

17 pp for the meal 9 for the bread. Assuming half a loaf is 2 servings.

While 26 pp is a lot, I get 57 pp a day, and that is before activity points.

Need to save my guilt free meal for Sunday if I need it. Heading to the Diner for breakfast, and I want my options open.

Tumblr ate my first post this morning

Original Title: No, it isn’t jogging

So this morning as I was going to get my C25K on, PS it is gorgeous out, I went to start my C25K app, and apparently it is only free for the first 2 weeks. Whomp whomp.

No problem I think, it is a good app, Rundouble, I’ll pay for the rest of the program. Besides, I have google play credits burning a hole in my pocket. Unfortunately, for my protection, Google requires a password entry for in app purchases. This wouldn’t be a problem accept two things.

1.       I use two factor authentication.

2.       I only use temporary passwords; specifically if anyone besides google needs my google password.

So, long story short… too late

I download the old app I used when trying to train Adria back into 5k shape, by Zenlabs. Which I will say is much improved, no GPS tracking, but if you just need something to prompt you when to run, it is a fine app. However, when I looked at the screen, to see when I would transition from warm-up to run, I see it say Start Jogging..

Um… NO!

No, it isn’t jogging

So as I step out the door for C25k this morning. I find out that the app is only free for the first two weeks, Run double for the curious. No problem I think! I have Google play credits, it is free to me :)


Unfortunately in order to protect me Google requires you to enter your password for in app purchases.


I use two factor authentication, and always use temporary password if an app, besides Google, needs a password.

Not feeling like dealing with that before my run, I download zenlabs c25k app, which is much improved to pay time, but still no GPS.

Anyway long story short.. Too late

The app says jogging for the run sections.

Oh well got it done with condescension!

Oh yeah

And eff having to run uphill for 3 minutes, on the first day you have 3 minute running intervals.

And here are the new running hats…

And here are the new running hats…


And I magically gain 1.2 lbs this week. Something I totally didn’t need as I am so frustrated with life right now that I want to punch a hole through a wall.

But I guess after a 4 lbs loss, o should have expected it.

Eff you body!


I’m pretty sure there’s just three of us…


notovernight replied to your post: I had a hard time not laughing out lou…

People still use AIM?

Me, runsforbrunch and our mom. :)

We use it to bug Mom & entertain each other at work. It comes in handy. 

Apparently you three, and Mallory’s office keep them in business…

Anyone else use AIM?

I’m seriously about to ask on Facebook. I’m shocked the app still exists.

Then again, my aunt still uses an account.

Good morning

On my c25k warmup!

It is gorgeous out.

Also got my latest shipment from running warehouse in. Since the won’t let me use my gift card for Brooks, I bought some new running hats.


Before and current

Removed Ceiling Fan and Florescent Lighting
Patched Ceiling
Painted Ceiling
Chemically sanded walls
Primed walls
Primed walls
Oil based primed walls
Painted walls
Replaced carpet
Replaced all outlets and switches
Painted trim
Hung curtains
And finall got our couch that we found 2 months before moving.